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Welding Solutions Inc. Introduces Super-MIG™

Exclusive integrator and distributor of new Hybrid Welding Process

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., July 18, 2007 – Welding Solutions Inc., a leading provider of fully integrated welding systems, will introduce a new hybrid welding system called Super-MIG™ at the 2007 FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show from November 11-14, 2007 at McCormick Center in Chicago.  Welding Solutions Inc. is sharing booth #3029 with Progressive Systems. 

The Super-MIG™ System is a new, innovative welding technology developed by combining two reliable standard welding processes, plasma arc and MIG arc, into one hybrid process. This system reliably delivers greater welding speeds under variable gap conditions, deeper weld penetration and reduced spatter and a narrower heat affected zone.  Super-MIG™ is capable of welding most standard MIG, Plasma and Laser applications.  For example, it can be used to do true overlap welds-continuous or stitch/spot configurations.  On average, Super-MIG™ has been proven to achieve welding speeds of up to two times faster than the conventional MIG applications.

The interface and torch, patented by Plasma Laser Technologies, is designed to be integrated with any of the most commonly used MIG welding systems such as: Lincoln, Miller, Panasonic, OTC and ESAB.  Welding Solutions Inc. is the exclusive distributor of this new hybrid welding system in North America.

Through the introduction of a plasma electrode within the MIG welding process which establishes an arc at the leading position of the welding process.  A “keyhole” is created within the parent material eliminating the arc start delay and greatly reducing the arc start failure mode resulting in deeper penetration. The preceding MIG operates in the “conduction” welding mode to fill the void created by the plasma arc.

The Super-MIG™ includes an interface that is compatible with most robot controllers and is capable of storing multiple welding programs, a Super-MIG™ Torch, and the Super-MIG™ Torch Cleaning Station that is designed to work automatically within a robotic welding cell.  It can be used to weld standard industrial grade steels, stainless steel, high strength coated metals and titanium.  A Super-MIG™ system for aluminum welding is under development.

Welding Solutions Inc. is the exclusive distributor, integrator and service provider of the new Super-MIG™ hybrid Plasma/Mig welding system developed by Plasma Laser Technologies, Inc.  Welding Solutions, with its state-of-the-art laboratory, offers weld consulting, weld process development and prototype welding applications.  The company employs highly-educated welding experts with PhD’s in mechanical engineering and plasma physics, representing over 40 years of experience. 

The company develops specific welding applications to suit customers’ individual needs in the automotive, tube/pipe fabrication, general industry and defense industries. 

Welding Solutions Inc. Services

  • Production applications development:  Cost-effective welding applications improve efficiency to deliver quality product to meet specific production requirements.
  • Weld failure/defect analysis:  Experienced personnel review processes and parameters to provide root cause source and suggested corrective actions.
  • Prototype/Short Run Production Welding:  Cost-effective source for prototype part/short run production welding projects
  • Technical support:  Includes on-site support in robot programming start-up and debugging for mechanical integration and process controls


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