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Super-MIG™ Products

The Super-MIG™ Interface

Super-MIG Interface Unit

  • Compatible with most popular robot controllers
  • Includes an integrated Unitronics PLC
  • Capable of storing multiple welding programs
  • Gas flow monitor allows gas mixture adjustment
  • Plasma power source
  • Pump and reservoir for the torch cooling system
  • Patented “Softstart™” plasma pilot arc ignition system allows customer to switch between welding processes (i.e. Plasma Tack, Std. Mig, or Plasma/Mig

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The Super-MIG™ Torch

The Super-MIG™ Torch is designed as a compact, in-line unit utilizing industry standard consumable MIG™ and plasma tips. It is capable of 250amps for plasma and 350amps for MIG, and can accommodate wire diameters up to 1.2mm. It’s compact head is electrically isolated, water-cooled, and pre-aligned ensuring repeatable performance and easy maintenance.

Features of the Super-MIG™ Torch include:

  • Compact Head
  • Capable of 250A for plasma and 350A for MIG
  • Pre-aligned to ensure repeatable performance and easy maintenance
  • Water Cooled
  • Electrically Isolated
  • Can use .035” or .045” wire diameters
  • Quick change Tungsten Electrode


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Super-MIG Consumables Lifetime

Plasma Components

  • Electrode – 8-10 Hours Rotate or Replace (once per shift)
  • Nozzle – 8-10 Hours (once per shift)

MIG Components

  • MIG Tip – 8-10 Hours (once per shift)
  • Gas Shielding Nozzle
    • 80 – 100 Hours Duty Cycle
    • Dependant upon Application

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The Super-MIG™ Torch Cleaning Device

The Super-MIG™ Torch Cleaning Device is yet another innovation by PLT that is designed to work automatically within a robotic welding cell. This device removes the gas-shielding nozzle from the torch, simultaneously cleans the nozzle and welding tips, and places the nozzle back on the torch ready for the next weld cycle. The entire four step cleaning process takes approximately 8 seconds.


Step 1
Gas Shield Nozzle is removed and cleaned with spinning wire brush






Step 2
Torch moves to forward position where spinning blades clean MIG and Plasma tips

Step 3
Torch moves back to first position where Gas Shielding Nozzle is reattached

Step 4
Torch Nozzle is sprayed with a small amount of anti-spatter liquid

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The Super-MIG™ Weld Process Monitor

The Super-MIG™ Weld Process Monitor has the capability to monitor and store data for the following signals: MIG voltage and current, plasma voltage and current, and wire speed. The unit is expandable to monitor and store data for up to two hundred, fifty-six parameters (i.e. gas flow rates, or seam tracking signals) with established control limits allowing for real-time weld quality monitoring. Communication is accomplished via Ethernet connection allowing data to be accessed locally or by remote factory information systems. The weld process monitor can be used with other MIG or Plasma welding systems and is not exclusively for the Super-MIG™ process.

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Welding Solutions Services

WS, Inc. represents over 40 years of experience in welding application and equipment. We are able to provide customers specific welding applications to suit their individual needs using the knowledge base of our staff including PhD’s in mechanical engineering and plasma physics. We also provide entire integrated solutions using the Super-MIG™ technology.

Welding Solutions, Inc. Services include:

  • Development of production applications:

    Provide cost effective welding applications to improve efficiency and deliver quality product to meet specific production requirements.

  • Weld failure and defect analysis:

    Experienced personnel can review your process and parameters to provide the root cause source and suggested corrective actions

  • Prototype Welding:

    Develop and demonstrate to our customers a superior welding technology based on the Super-MIG™ welding process for their current and potential production applications.

  • Weld Tool Verification - identifies and resolves design or construction problems and develops baseline weld parameters.
  • Technical support - Includes on-site support in robot programming start-up and debugging, for mechanical integration and process controls related to Super-MIG™ applications.
  • Laboratory Services - Capable in providing comprehensive mechanical properties and metallurgical integrity investigations.
  • Custom Kitchen Fabrication - Capable in providing comprehensive design and functionality for your food truck kitchen.
  • Custom Kitchen Repair - All repairs can be performed for all parts of your kitchen including welding and remodeling services. Visit food truck builders here.

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