Super-MIG News

What type and/or size of Robot is required for Super-MIG™?

Super-MIG™ will work on most popular MIG welding robots.

What type of MIG power supply is required?

Super-MIG™ will work with most popular new and existing MIG power supplies (analog interface is required).

What type of Plasma power supply is required?

None. Super-MIG™ is supplied with a standard Miller power supply to produce the plasma arc.

How does the Robot Controller communicate with the Super-MIG™ Interface?

Communication occurs in the same manner as with a standard MIG power supply for robotic applications.

Can I store welding parameters for multiple welding programs?

Yes, Multiple programs can be stored.

Can the welding parameters be adjusted through the robot teach pendant?


Does Super-MIG™ require any special gases or special power requirements?

No. Typical grades of arc welding gas are used.

How do you set the parameters for the MIG power supply when using Super-MIG™?

The parameters for the MIG power supply are controlled through the Super-MIG™ controller or the robot teach pendant.

What brand and model of wire-feed is required for Super-MIG™?

Super-MIG™ will work with most popular new and existing robotic wire feeder systems.

Is plasma/arc welding a new welding process?

No. Plasma arc and GMAW have been used reliably for decades for their own various welding applications. Super-MIG™ simply combines the two welding methods for an alternative solution to increase speed, and improve quality of current welding applications.

Will I have to change the welding specification for my product?

No. Super-MIG™ is not a new welding process; it is simply an improved welding process. Super-MIG™ can meet and in most cases exceed your products welding specifications.

Is the torch-cleaning device required?

Yes, the cleaning device is designed to minimize torch maintenance and to maximize consumables lifetime.

Is special training required for my plant personnel to set-up and adjust the Super-MIG™ weld parameters?

Yes. Super-MIG™ is designed to be a user-friendly welding system, not requiring any special software or extensive training compared to robotic MIG welding. Super-MIG™ Training is included with the purchase of the Super-MIG™ system.

Does my wire & gas consumption increase with Super-MIG™?

No. Typically wire & gas consumption are reduced compared to similar MIG applications.

Are there any hazardous materials related to Super-MIG™? (Thoriated Tungsten)

No. Industry standard tungsten electrodes, gasses and weld wire are used.

Can I use Super-MIG™ in “Hard Automation” applications?

Super-MIG™ is designed primarily for robotic applications, due to the necessity for the torch-cleaning device. However, if the process allows, the torch can be mounted to a linear shuttle in order to access the torch cleaner.

What types of metals can I weld with Super-MIG™?

Standard industrial grade steels, stainless steel, high strength coated metals, and Titanium. A Super-MIG™ system for aluminum welding is under development.

How fast can I weld with Super-MIG™?

On average Super-MIG™ can achieve welding speeds two to three times faster than the conventional MIG applications they replace.

Can I purchase Super-MIG™ through my local weld distributor?

Today, Super-MIG™ is only available through Welding Solutions Inc. for North America.

Can I use the plasma arc to cut metal?

No, this is not possible.

Can Super-MIG™ weld in plasma mode only?

Yes, and also MIG mode only. Super-MIG™ is unique in the fact that it is actually three welding processes in one system. Plasma arc, MIG arc, or combined Plasma + MIG = Super-MIG™. This can be accomplished “on the fly” through programming only. There are no changes required for the torch or hardware.

How do I adjust the weld parameters?

Via the integrated interface and software through the robot teach pendant.

Can Super-MIG™ be retrofitted to existing welding cells?

Super-MIG™ has been designed to be integrated into both new and existing robotic welding applications. Existing MIG power supplies can be used.

How does the plasma arc reignite after cleaning?

The pilot arc is reestablished after torch cleaning automatically with negligible electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to a patented Soft-Start arc ignition device.

Will the Super-MIG™ welding process disrupt electronic controls of other equipment?

No. Negligible electromagnetic emissions will not disrupt normal robotic applications.