Super-MIG News

The Super-MIG™ System is a new, innovative robotic welding technology developed by combining two reliable standard welding processes, plasma arc and MIG arc, into one hybrid process. This system can deliver: greater welding speeds under variable gap conditions (as much as three times faster in some applications), deeper weld penetration, reduced heat input, and is capable of welding most standard MIG, Plasma and Laser applications (i.e. true lap welds-continuous or stitch/spot configurations). Typical Super-MIG Configuration

The interface and torch, patented by Plasma Laser Technologies, is designed to be integrated with any of the most commonly used MIG welding systems such as: Lincoln, Miller, Panasonic, OTC, ESAB, etc.

It allows for the introduction of a plasma electrode within the MIG welding torch. To establish an arc at the leading position of the welding process, a “keyhole” is created within the parent material resulting in deeper penetration. The preceding MIG operates in the “conduction” welding mode to fill the void created by the plasma arc. Super-MIG™ provides an improved MIG welding process, resulting in higher quality welds.

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